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Ping G410 Plus Driver | Gear Review | Golf Monthly

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► Joel Tadman tests the new Ping G410 Plus driver up against the G400 Max model to see how the performance compares.

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6 thoughts on “Ping G410 Plus Driver | Gear Review | Golf Monthly

  1. Good review Joel, but I think that you are wrong on the MOI of the new driver. The G400 MAX still has the highest MOI of any driver (according to figures from MyGolfSpy) so the MAX has a higher MOI than the G410, not the other way round as you said on the review. PING hasn’t yet launched a replacement MAX because they cannot improve on the forgiveness of the current MAX.
    Although the G410 will offer higher swing speed golfers more yardage, for the majority of golfers with slower swing speeds the extra forgiveness of the MAX will still be a better option IMO.

  2. If you’re only going to have to weight in one position then the two ’empty’ spaces look a little unfinished…would be good to have blanks to cover them with. I’m not sure on the red detailing but from the top it looks amazing. Sounding a little high pitched off the face… Also, £450 is £100 too much!! Cobra still beating the rest (for club golfers)… what can Mizuno bring to the table??

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