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Playing Lesson On The Golf Course

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On Course Playing Lesson with Joschka Zeller
Mobile: 07952514656

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre plays 5 holes with German Golfer Joschka Zeller.

Joschka Zeller from Germany improve his golf and help him break his current best score of 120! We aim together with hard work and practice to break 90!

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5 thoughts on “Playing Lesson On The Golf Course

  1. Is it just me or does he seem like he’s tilting his right hip up instead getting a solid hip rotation back. This would definitely cause him getting stuck behind and leaving shots to the right but other than that he shows great potential. Maybe work on alignment up to a intermediate spot because the one hole with the water he was aimed straight at the hazard and it worked out he hit it fat. Mostly self taught but I wish I had an instructor like Rick

  2. Without any Birdies and with just a couple Pars from the Back-9, He has managed to shoot a 92? That’s quite inspiring…
    Yet? It has been reported that 80% of American golfers cannot break a 90 golf score…
    There’s a lot to be said about not losing the golf ball and to avoid 3-Putts…YES?!

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