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Pro Golfer Jon Rahm (260 Yard Par 3!!!)

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Playing golf with Jon Rahm (#6 World Ranked Pro Golfer)
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The round of a lifetime! So grateful for the hospitality from both Ben Herman and Jon Rahm. There were lots of laughs and I learned a lot from both of the guys. Luckily this is just the first of a three part series and let me just say…the golf gets even better!

Wow Jon really is a showman. Going out and winning the Hero right before this video goes live! Congrats my dude!

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10 thoughts on “Pro Golfer Jon Rahm (260 Yard Par 3!!!)

  1. What is up guys! Got the privilege of playing golf with Jon Rahm (who just won the Hero) and thought it had to go up. If you want more golf content check out

    1. Who else clicked faster than the speed of light🤣🤣

      Anyone wanna be youtube friends?

      Help me hit 1k subs before Christmas please!!🌲🌲

  2. This is so sick. How did you not blow your first tee shot? I’d have dumped my pants having to tee off in front of Jon Rahm.

  3. Big Jon seems like a really good guy, the fact that he clearly likes a little bit more food than is good for him just makes him better

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