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7 thoughts on “SAVVY FUNDAMENTALS – Shawn Clement – Wisdom in Golf

  1. I play a par three with my 5 year old son every Friday night and I hope I
    can get him to be as good of a ball striker as you. Lessons are too
    expensive right now for us, but your videos are so incredible. You make the
    swing look so easy and effortless. It feels like a lot of the other videos
    try to get really technical while most of your videos describe it as
    something that you feel and can’t be forced. I like this concept. My very
    first time I played golf I played incredibly well, and I think it’s because
    I was just going on feeling and didn’t really care as much, I was just
    having fun. When I came back and tried to think about a million things
    before during and after the swing it complicated things and I played
    horrible. I still can’t do what you can do but it’s awesome watching you
    and your daughter doing this together. To all of your subscribers you are
    Shawn Clement, but to your daughter you are just dad! You two are making
    great videos together! Thanks so much.

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