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5 thoughts on “Should I take golf lessons or not?

  1. Yes, absolutely. Too many Golfers go the route of buying the latest Driver
    or club in hopes of ‘buying a better game’…Golf lessons with the right
    coach will always help you play better but it takes time and the right
    practice to get there…

  2. lessons have their place. I’m slightly aggrieved that I’ve had a lot of
    lessons with maybe 4 coaches over 10 years or so (not your good self i’ll
    add) and not a single one has introduced me to the fundamental fact that my
    lower body should be leading consequently I’ve been an upper body player
    all my career. since discovering this #1 fundamental through reading I am
    now striking the ball better than I ever have. I still have lots to learn
    but shudder at the 1000s I’ve spent on lessons. in hindsight i think the
    student has a responsibility to recognise not all coaches are created

  3. Unless you are naturally talented of course one needs lessons. Even if one
    is blessed with an unnatural ability, lessons will still improve scores.
    I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Andrew about 6yrs ago, since
    then I have had many lessons, periodically returning for adjustments to be
    made. Each series of lessons, or single lesson sees an improvement on the
    course. Some of us, just can’t sort simple failings on our own at a driving
    I had one lesson last week to sort an over active right hand! (not what you
    might be thinking), straight to the driving range to ingrain the changes.
    Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. Go get lessons if you
    want to improve and reduce scores.

  4. i had my first lesson at 45 years of age after playing golf for thirty
    years. my basic rule of thumb is . what takes you a year to work out
    yourself , takes a pro ten minutes to see. i went from 17 h/c to 11 in nine

  5. Absolutely yes, however it won’t happen over night after one lesson, it
    takes professional advice then you have grain the practice into your swing
    and it will become natural, people go out and spend hundreds on new clubs
    thinking it will make them better! it doesn’t, lessons are the way to go!

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