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Should you play a yellow ball? + GIVEAWAY! Golf Monthly

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► In this video, Mike Harris asks whether you should be thinking about using a yellow ball…

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10 thoughts on “Should you play a yellow ball? + GIVEAWAY! Golf Monthly

  1. For your chance to win a dozen premium yellow golf balls comment on the video.

    Let us know – would you consider playing a yellow golf ball? If not, why not?

    Winner will be picked at random from all the comments left by 6pm GMT on Sunday April 17.

    1. No problem playing a yellow golf ball. Have used the yellow Bridgestone E6 for some years – its ‘easy to see-ness’ is also a big advantage when trying to decide whose ball is whose. But the lack of spin around the green is a problem now my handicap has come down, so a more premium ball that gives me more control would be most welcome.

    2. I’ve played a yellow ball in the past but it wasn’t a PROV1. I liked the visibility of such a ball and will be switching now that Titleist is finally giving us the option in the PROV1.

    3. I always have liked the colored golf balls, though there hasn’t been any good ones yet. Well now my opinion is changed and I would love to put them in my bag.

    4. Have played yellow and orange balls in the past, they are both good in the fall time as I can see them better, not sure why I don’t still use them.

  2. I would absolutely play them. Thus far I’ve never used yellow balls due to the golf taboo with them. But like Bob Dylon said Times are a changing

  3. No yellow balls for me at my golf club the crows steal them and you don’t see them again.. By the way I am in Australia.

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