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Simple Golf Lesson: How To Play Your Wedges With Spin Like A Tour Pro

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Simple golf lesson for pitching control and spin

Have you ever been to a tour event or at least played with a very good player who’s impressed you with their ball striking ability?

I guess, if you’ve been playing this game a while, the answer is probably yes. You have seen a driver fly over 300 yards.

You have most likely also seen irons consistently rip like arrows towards flags.

These are two major aspects you ask us to bring you simple and effective methods to accomplish or at least get close to achieving those wonderful sights on a golf course. But what about the rest of the game?.The stuff that accounts for 30-40% of your scores.

I am referring to of course, your wedge play.

A good golfer will have control of trajectory and spin for their wedge shots. This will keep the ball lower but also provide the ability to have accuracy and distance control which will in turn really help lower your scores. Sounds like a pretty good weapon to have in the bag doesn’t it?!

The simple golf lesson for pitching and wedge play with real control is what today’s video is about.

I had an email from Paul, one of The Art of Simple Golf family and coincidentally we were planning on shooting this simple lesson for consistent wedge play anyway but I thought I would dedicate it to him because his problem is too common.

Paul was having difficulty controlling the height and trajectory of his wedges causing even missed greens and poor scores especially in the wind. So Paul was trying the typical golf instruction tips for pitching…

Put the ball back in your stance.
Control your length of swing.

All of these are good, but only at the right time for the right individual.

You see this tactic for the most part will cause too steep an angle of attack which results in?… Yep you guessed it higher and less controlled wedge shots. So follow the tips and the great practice drill in today’s video.

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3 thoughts on “Simple Golf Lesson: How To Play Your Wedges With Spin Like A Tour Pro

  1. setup with ball in centre of stance, 70 % of weight on lead foot, get your
    your sternum in front of the ball, this will restrict your back swing as
    all you need is L to L swing. this is the simple and best way to go

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