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STOP CASTING THE GOLF CLUB. Big Oggie Golf Pro Tip 022

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In todays Big Oggie Golf Pro Tip, Advanced PGA Professional Matt Tucknott from Cornwall Golf Lessons, offers some advice to one of our Crew.

We asked everyone to make comments and ask questions for Matt and I to answer for a new video coming up but this one from Charles seemed a great one for turning into a Pro Tip video for you al to see.


I am a newbie golfer, 51 Years old and lets say, hmm a BIG lad… But that doesn’t stop me, I have a passion for the sport and although I have lots to learn I want to prove to people that Golf can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, size, shape or experience.

BIG OGGIE GOLF is my new channel dedicated to ALL golfers.

We can’t all be professional or scratch standard and many of us will never get close, but we can still have FUN.

So there will be regular Vlogs, Product reviews and Golf Course reviews from around the UK as well as Worldwide.

We will meet many golfers and golf fans along the way and I hope you will get to see things a little differently from the usual Golf Youtube Channels out there.

There will also be lots of fun to be had and once the channel is established regular Competitions for Channel subscribers to take part in.
Golf sometimes gets a bad press and whilst occasionally that might be justified I hope to show it as not quite as stuffy and stereotyped as one would imagine.
There will also be my thoughts on what makes golf seem so stressful for people just starting out, and I will be looking at ways of making that all important first step a little easier.

My Main Camera Canon 80D 18-135mm IS USM lens

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6 thoughts on “STOP CASTING THE GOLF CLUB. Big Oggie Golf Pro Tip 022

  1. Was trying this out in work earlier on had a few funny looks 😂 should come Leeds oggie I’ll treat you to a round at my club. Leeds Golf Centre (LGC)

    1. Hi there, hey funny looks are fine, they will do the same when you game improves and you best them on the course too lol. I would love to come back up North again sometime so may well take you up on your kind offer in the future.

  2. Good tips. Was very interested in this since my videos frequently show the club head out front during the downswing. After trying your wall drill I think my hands are OK but I break my wrists early which throws the club head out in front.

    1. Hi there my friend and thank you for taking the time to comment. I will make sure that Matt sees all the comments that come through in case he can offer any more advice Ok.

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