Unboxing + Hidden Story | Golf with Aimee

There is a story behind this training aid. Find out the behind the scene story. And also find out how we can use this product to help your golf game! Come check out Steadhead at Aimee’s Collection here: Check out Steadhead golf lesson! If you have any questions please visit Please subscribe to

Easiest Bunker Shot Lesson | Golf with Aimee

Today’s bunker shot lesson will make your life easier than ever! Golf is complicated enough, I will show you how to keep golf simple, fun & effective! Try this tip & you will be amazed how great you hit your bunker shots! I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions please

New Website Alert! | Golf with Aimee

We are finally launching the new website! mpswing.com MP swing Family members will get a ton of benefits from never-seen before golf lessons including power tips, short game tips, Aimee’s swing philosophy on the CORE-DEX swing! 1-on-1 private lessons & there will be a lot of mingling & communicating with Aimee on this


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