Golf Hub Coaching & Club Fitting Centre

Golf Hub is an indoor golf centre. The indoor bays are powered by Flightscope and Swing Catalyst for actual data to improve your game. Practice, play golf on the e6 connect software with 100 famous golf courses from around the world. Come in and see teaching and club fitting expert Brad

ES12 & ES14 Launch Monitor Review and Side by Side Comparison

Want to know how accurate the ES12 and ES14 are compared to Trackman or FlightScope? Check out this full review! Buy your ES14 here: Buy ES12 here: --- Follow RotarySwing: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: --- Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel here for new golf tips each week! --- I hope you enjoyed

John Hughes Golf – 2018 Top Fixes – The Takeaway

After reviewing video archives and client notes, Golf Magazine Top 25 Instructor John Hughes has compiled the Top 10 Fixes of 2018. A PGA Master Professional of Instruction, John shows us in the first of the series of video swing tips how you can improve your golf swing takeaway using