Downhill lie: Hitting a ball below your feet | Golf Tips

Hitting the ball on a downhill lie: Having the ball below your feet requires a different set up compared to flat ground. Next time you find yourself with a downhill lie, try these simple tips from Shain Johnson, professional at Farleigh Golf Club and make a difference to your game.

The Secret to Backspin | Golf Tips

The Secret to Backspin: Golf Tips: Want to know how to stop and spin the ball on the greens? Learn the secret to backspin with a few simple tips from PGA Professional Murdo McCorquodale. But remember, this one is going to take some practice! is the #1 online golf website

Best Putting Drills: The 5 Coin Putting Drill | Golf Tips

Golf Tips: Best Putting Drills: The 5 Coin Putting Drill. Are you constantly missing the short putts that look the easiest...? Try this simple drill on the putting green and start to master short putts. GolfMagic teamed up with PGA Professional Murdo McCorquodale at the La Cala resort in Spain