USE YOUR HIPS | Real Life Golf Lessons

►I coach A LOT of golfers and the videos I will be releasing are based on the a lot of the common mistakes and misconceptions I see and hear. Hopefully passing on this knowledge will allow your to learn from other mistakes. This video targets hip rotation and encourages you

A Case Study: Free Golf Lessons in Orlando

We’re working with a couple different golf courses right now to deploy a test run of free golf lessons as a marketing instrument. The program is part of KPI Golf Management’s push to get golf courses reconsidering the relationship golf instructors have at their facilities. I’ll be dedicating 4 – 6

Exactly How Free Golf Lessons Are Helping Golf Courses Win

Golf courses are hurting for demand. We’ve gone from 29 million golfers to 21 million since the last market downturn. We’re losing between 100 and 200 golf courses per year, and data suggests there’s still another 9-15 years left of the same to reach market equilibrium. I’ve run some numbers

Orthopedic Surgeon & MIT Engineer Reviews RotarySwing Golf

Get your free golf lesson with RST Founder Chuck Quinton here: RotarySwing Tour is the safest, most powerful way to swing the golf club - PERIOD! --- Follow RotarySwing: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: --- Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel here for new golf tips each week! --- I hope you enjoyed our


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