Grip pressure is topic that often crops up when discussing the golf swing and performance on the course. Exactly how firmly should you grip the golf club? In this video Chris Ryan addresses this issue and gives you 3 practical drills that you can do right now to better appreciate

Putting with a Palm Grip – JJ GOLF – Putting Lessons

Grip in the palm to improve putter face control. Just one advantage of gripping the putter in the palm vs the fingers.Any flexion or extension of the wrist angles results in far less, if any, face rotation. Visit the website for information on lessons, including online lessons.

Easiest Golf Grip Ever

Grip is easy when its explained simply. Check out this video to get your grip to where it needs to be. Subscribe right here!!! Jeff Zurawicz, PGA is also a PGA Member Certified in Teaching and Coaching and has helped hundreds of golfers play better golf!!! For more

Comprehensive Guide For Beginning Golfers

I have created a comprehensive video instruction course for beginning golfers. The course explains the basic fundamentals that all beginning golfers must learn. I will teach you drills and how to practice so you can enjoy a lifetime of playing golf. This video is applicable to adults and junior golfers