Warming Up: Essential Golf

Welcome to Essential Golf tutorials: Our professional golfers Michael Jacobs & Erica Larken guide us through warming up in order to best perfect your game. Essential Golf brings together all the information you need to enjoy the great game, including news and information about star players and personalities, major tournaments,

Golf Techniques for Beginners

Golf Techniques for Beginners Helpful Tips for Beginners Guide to Golf 1. Golf Ball Position in Your Stance 2. Basics of the Correct Grip 3. Controlling the Speed of Your Putts 4. Golf Swing Follow Through

New To Golf- A Beginners Guide To The Golf Swing

A simple guide to the basics of golf. This video includes the fundamentals of the golf setup. How to take your grip, posture, aim, and ball position. Hitting the ball consistently in the air and producing a consistently straight ball flight are the two swing fundamentals that will get