USE YOUR HIPS | Real Life Golf Lessons

►I coach A LOT of golfers and the videos I will be releasing are based on the a lot of the common mistakes and misconceptions I see and hear. Hopefully passing on this knowledge will allow your to learn from other mistakes. This video targets hip rotation and encourages you

Why is Your Golf Game Not Improving?

If you are struggling to improve your golf game, you are not alone. Lack of improvement is one of the most common problems plaguing amateur golfers, and it may not be your fault. Visit - - for more great articles, tips, product and reviews FIX YOUR

How To Stop a Slice In Golf, & Shanks For Beginners

Stop golf Slicing Shanking & Hooking the Golf Ball immediately go here . Our 6 weeks plan for golfers is designed for all types of golfers, men, women young old helping to stop golf shanking, slice, improve your posture, putting techniques and many great tips for improving your game in