Fred Shoemaker – On How To Best Learn Golf

Follow Us On Facebook Here: Fred Shoemaker is a renown golf instructor. He founded a Top 25 rated golf school and has coached the brightest minds in golf. He has authored two amazing book on golf and was kind enough to share his insight with us in a lengthy discussion a

Fred Shoemaker – On Golf Mindset and Proper Learning. (E168)

Follow Us On Facebook Here: Many of us were raised to believe that we had to learn skill and beat into our brains, body, muscle memory in order to become good golfers. Well, it turns out that isn't the case. Fred Shoemaker shares with us the proper mindset me must have

David Leadbetter, Where Good Golf Swings Go To Die (E159)

Follow Us On Facebook Here: David Leadbetter has some pretty harsh words for Lydia Ko and her parents. Which seems really ironic, since most of his players probably should have harsh words for him, and his ridiculous way of teaching the golf swing. Let's tee it up! #golf #pgatour #golfers #lovegolf #golfday

Don’t Buy New Golf Crap… Unless You Do This (E124)

Follow Us On Facebook Here: The golf club manufactures are so good at convincing us they have the latest and greatest stuff. That our games are going to improve with all this new technology, engineering and aerodynamics. But when we look on tour, not much has changed the last 3 years,

CYB: “VIVA LA FLORIDA?” Tyler Hadden PGA | Golf Episode 023

Tyler and I discuss trackman versus Foresight GC Quad. We talk about technology and how it's impacted our golf teaching, and industry. We recorded this from a "remote" location Florida. Of course we talked about Florida some! Tyler is the first repeat guest on this show! TOPICS INCLUDE: Technology in launch

Learning the Choke Down Shot and More \ The Golf Podcast

Knowing properly when, where, and how to choke down on the golf club will give you yet another valuable tool in your golf shot arsenal. This week on The Golf Podcast we’re chatting about how to learn and implement this important shot, as well as news from the PGA