You are currently watching a video about 5 epic golf swings with great hip action. If your intersted lessons then please visit the website Online lessons are also now available and more information will be on my website soon but for now please contact me via my social media

What I Learned about my Golf Swing in My Golf Lesson!

It's always good to continue to learn about yourself by taking golf swing lessons. In this video Dan Martin gave me a lesson using The Pro Swing Trainer. Be sure to check out Dan's channel in the link below and also check out The Pro in the link below. Dan's

Golf – How To Get More Hip Rotation

Golf - How to get more hip rotation. Alistair Davies golf shares with you how to increase and improve your hip rotation through impact. Alistair is joined by lloydi golf to demonstrate a hands on drill to improve hip rotation. ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER ►Follow me on Instagram ►Follow me on