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Golf Tips: Best Putting Drills: The 5 Coin Putting Drill. Are you constantly missing the short putts that look the easiest...? Try this simple drill on the putting green and start to master short putts. GolfMagic teamed up with PGA Professional Murdo McCorquodale at the La Cala resort in Spain

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It is time to get some rounds in, and if you need some help we have your back. Our tips are aimed at making those outings the best they can be! Healthy living is about balance between eating, socializing, exercising, and relaxing. Our series takes you from the golf course,

Comprehensive Guide For Beginning Golfers

I have created a comprehensive video instruction course for beginning golfers. The course explains the basic fundamentals that all beginning golfers must learn. I will teach you drills and how to practice so you can enjoy a lifetime of playing golf. This video is applicable to adults and junior golfers