Over the top golf swings are the worst! Let's dive into a discussion about why they happen, and how you can go about fixing them! Let's find a better way to swing the golf club, and put you on the path to improvement. #golf #slicefix #overthetopfix ACCESS TO: MY TOP 3

CYB: “VIVA LA FLORIDA?” Tyler Hadden PGA | Golf Episode 023

Tyler and I discuss trackman versus Foresight GC Quad. We talk about technology and how it's impacted our golf teaching, and industry. We recorded this from a "remote" location Florida. Of course we talked about Florida some! Tyler is the first repeat guest on this show! TOPICS INCLUDE: Technology in launch

How to AIM your GOLF BALL at the TARGET

Setup your systems for golf! Being able to aim to the target is a skill that's ESSENTIAL and needs to be practiced. If you want to shoot lower scores, start by aiming correctly. Let's dive into proper AIM for a golf shot. ACCESS TO: MY TOP 3 LESSONS LEARNED AFTER

Does your GOLF ROUTINE matter?

Let's talk through pre-shot routines! They seem simple on the outside. But to play your best golf, is it beneficial to have a pre-shot routine? I wanted to dive into this subject, trying to help YOU golfers dissect this sport. ACCESS TO: MY TOP 3 LESSONS LEARNED AFTER 10K GIVEN,