Golf Lessons – Effortless Power

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – It has been stated that distance dictates potential when it comes to scoring in golf. If you are unable to hit the ball certain distances then you are not going to be able to hit short enough clubs into greens in order to score

Jude Read 6 Free Golf Lessons

Jude Read - 6 Free Golf Lessons Jude Read - Senior PGA Professional at Manston Golf Centre in Thanet, Kent. Please comment or give the video a thumbs up. If you like the training and would like to see more SUBSCRIBE for free by clicking the link below: -... RECEIVE 6 FREE LESSON

Online Golf Lessons using Artificial intelligence

Online Golf Lessons using Artificial intelligence Use the link above for more information on how I can help your golf this year. Buzza Golf aims to create a fun community for golfer to learn about their golf game and highlight the improvements they can make alongside playing vlogs that showcase

Does Peak Performance Golf Swing Create More Power

A reader writes in with a question about grip pressure and which hand controls the swing. Want to learn how to hit a golf ball with consistency and accuracy? Visit our website for our free golf lessons, where we have over 1200 blog posts and 900 daily videos. Welcome to a

Do Online Golf Lessons ACTUALLY Work?

I'm facing a dilemma as of right now and I'm looking for the next avenue to offer you guys... Does online coaching work? I think it has proven good so far in what I've done on youtube however for those who can't quite "get it" maybe a more detailed platform

Putting – Start Your Ball On Line

With over 10 years teaching experience, PGA golf professional Steve Furlonger gives you his trade secrets from the lesson tee with swing tips, course vlogs and equipment reviews released twice weekly. Like, share, subscribe or comment below. ★ Subscribe: ★ Facebook: Steve Furlonger Golf Performance ★ Instagram: steve_furlonger Thanks for the

Golf Lessons – Ball First Contact

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – The ability to control the golf ball is critical to shooting lower scores. But many players struggle with this due to difficulties in making ball first contact. Too many players contact the ground before the ball trapping grass and dirt between the clubface and ball,

Golf Lessons – Turn your slice into a draw

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – The most common ball flight error is the slice – a ball that curves from left to right for a right handed player. I get so many requests from players who want to turn their slice into a draw, as a draw flies a

Golf Lessons – How to start the takeaway

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Knowing how to start the takeaway is such an important aspect of the golf swing because this motion sets you up for the rest of the swing. If you know how to start the takeaway then you give yourself the best opportunity to make

Golf Lessons – Stop Shanking Your Golf Shots

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – There is nothing more disturbing to a golfer than to make a full swing at a ball with the expectation of seeing the ball fly towards the target, yet only to see the ball shoot off way right of target, low to the ground

Golf Lessons – Consistent golf shots

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – When I meet players for the first time they will almost always tell me they want to hit more consistent golf shots. They have the ability to hit an occasional golf shot in the way they would like, but lack the ability to reproduce

Golf Lessons – Stop scooping and hit solid iron shots

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – So many players struggle to hit solid iron shots because they are unable to get the club into a good position at impact. Too often I see the shaft leaning away from target at impact rather than towards target. This error is often termed

Golf Lessons – Add 20 yards to your drives

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – I have never met a player who doesn’t want to hit the driver longer. The ability to hit the ball further down the fairway and thus closer to the green makes it easier to not only hit the green but also get the ball

Golf Lessons – Ball then ground contact every time

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Far too often I meet with players who are mishitting their fairway shots due to the club contacting the ground prior to reaching the golf ball. This causes issues with distance control, trajectory control and overall shot consistency. One of the biggest keys to playing

Driver Tee Height Golf Lesson

Driver Tee Height Golf Lesson with National Club Golfer talking about tee shots and how to improve your golf game. Mark Crossfield PGA professional is talking golf tee shots and tee height around lowering your scores on the golf course. Play your best golf with simple and effective golf lessons,