Putting with a Palm Grip – JJ GOLF – Putting Lessons

Grip in the palm to improve putter face control. Just one advantage of gripping the putter in the palm vs the fingers.Any flexion or extension of the wrist angles results in far less, if any, face rotation. Visit the website www.jamesjankowskigolf.com for information on lessons, including online lessons.

Jason Day Putting Game – JJ GOLF – Putting Lessons

Performance games are hugely important for golfers to be able to test performance and monitor improvements over time. The Jason Day Game (based on his PGA Tour stats from 2018) is a simple game that can be recorded and add pressure to your putting. Try today and monitor your own

Metronome Putting Tempo Drill – JJ GOLF Putting Lessons

Learn to control speed by producing a consistent tempo on the greens. No matter the distance of putt on the golf course, our tempo should be consistent, with distance being controlled by length of stroke. Use a metronome to help produce a consistent tempo when putting. www.jamesjankowskigolf.com