You are currently watching a video about how this simple golf TIP can give you the perfect impact on how to execute a drive hold release and start to see some awesome consistency in your golf game. If your intersted lessons then please visit the website Online lessons are

FASTING & THE PGA SHOW 2019 | Knocked Stiff Golf

Tune in to learn more about how my 5 Day Fast went as well as the news that I'll be attending the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show where i'll be capturing tons of content! Hope to see you there Follow my journey to be a better golfer in Alaska and Subscribe! Thank you

Fun and Easy Golf Putting Drill To Help Lower Your Scores

Golf putting drills do not have to be boring. Implement this fun and easy putting stroke drill to help you control distance and improve your short putting. What's even better is if you are practicing with a friend, you can easily turn this into a game putting some pressure on