Chasing the Dream – Quest for a Golf Scholarship pt. 1

Neil Barnhill of BGI along with two of his students, Jacky and Trenton are questing for a golf scholarship. Watch in the first part of Chasing the Dream, how these two young golfers are making improvements in their game as they chase after a golf scholarship. To book your

How to control putting distance for beginners?

Rukmini Mehta , an A category coach, talks about controlling putting distance for beginners. Once on the golf course the putting green takes a whole new dimension. Watch this video to learn how to handle it Like | Share | Subscribe For more golf related content visit: Instagram: @breathe_golf Facebook:

Some golf tips for beginners who want to give the game a shot!

Dennis Bush, general manager at the City of Bradenton's golf course, River Run Golf Links, invites you to join him for the event on November 3rd, Fall Fest on the Fairways. Visit to learn more about the City of Bradenton's golf course, River Run Golf Links. COMMENT below to let us

Golf Swing explained for Beginners

What do you need to do with club and ball if you start to play golf? Here are a few tips: Start with a wedge, not with a 7-iron. Try to copy the impact of the PGA-Tour-Players not their swing. Place your left hand on the grip so that the

Golf Tips for Beginners | Michelob ULTRA

It is time to get some rounds in, and if you need some help we have your back. Our tips are aimed at making those outings the best they can be! Healthy living is about balance between eating, socializing, exercising, and relaxing. Our series takes you from the golf course,


This video is about golf lag drills and how to deloft your irons at impact to crush them. Downswing tips in the video will help you with your backswing and impact position. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more


PGA Senior Coach at The Belfry Chris Ryan shows you how you can use your wrists to pitch your golf ball closer to the hole. Chris also covers some of the mistakes golfers can make when playing these shots. ►Subscibe to Chris Ryan Golf for more instruction! ►Feel free to comment

Video Golf Beginner’s Guide part 2

Video Golf Beginner's Guide part 2 You only need a few clubs: You're allowed to carry as many as 14 clubs in your bag, but you won't need nearly that many when you're first learning. Instead, start with a driver, a putter, a sand wedge (it's the club that has an

New To Golf- A Beginners Guide To The Golf Swing

A simple guide to the basics of golf. This video includes the fundamentals of the golf setup. How to take your grip, posture, aim, and ball position. Hitting the ball consistently in the air and producing a consistently straight ball flight are the two swing fundamentals that will get