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The Golf Doctor goes Flag Hunting

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Battling each other and this tough course. Who will win?
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It all comes down to these final holes. With the most difficult hole #9 coming up, will that be the deciding factor. Watch and See.

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9 thoughts on “The Golf Doctor goes Flag Hunting

  1. THERE HAS TO BE A RYDER CUP FOR YOUTUBE! US with you golfaholics gm golf, no laying up, and EAL. UK Rick Sheils Peter finch mark cross field and Me and my golf!

  2. I really enjoy the quality of the videos! But I feel like you would play a little better if you had a better state of mind! You’re pretty negative and make a lot of excuses. For instance we know its windy we can hear the audio you dont need to tell us 25 times… Just an observation 🙂 Thanks!

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