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THE Golf Swing for the Older Man – 80 Year Old Golfer – RoadShow Lesson 11

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Many golfers write in to me asking if they should even bother trying to change their golf swings at their age.

They seem to think that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and that’s simply not true.

Using the RotarySwing Tour 5 Step System, you can make huge improvements to your golf swing at any age!

RST is the golf swing for the older man! Even as a senior golfer, you can hit the ball further NOW than you did in your prime using!

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9 thoughts on “THE Golf Swing for the Older Man – 80 Year Old Golfer – RoadShow Lesson 11

  1. Dear Clay, That 80-year-old fellow is nothing like me. I’m a kid at 75, with 5 laminectomies, a fusion, good soft hands. and was once pretty good. HE”S MY TWIN!! You’ve come a long way in sophistication and actual application of your principles in a gentle, humorous-but-direct way. I’ve been trying to recover from a bunch of surgeries (a tin hip, knee, and both shoulders). This was the best 15 minutes I’ve ever witnessed. No doubt. He’ll get it. Kudos-and a Merry Christmas-to you, your staff, & your family. Peter S K

  2. The student may have a few years on a lot of golfers but his passion for consistency and improving is outstanding ~ 10/10 for student and teacher ~ merry Christmas to both of you

  3. Great video, every golfer what ever age wants to feel the joy of that magic strike. I hope we all want to improve , so keep trying. Thanks for helping the older person as well as the younger persons.

  4. I hope he didn’t hurt himself after this lesson.
    “Does this make sense? Does this make sense?”
    Sure it does IF he/she is young who can not only
    hit tons of balls but also does tons of calisthenics.

  5. What a pleasure to watch a professional at work! You took Ian from not understanding why he had a reasonably good looking but weak swing to him being able to make a very enviable golf swing in less than an hour. Plus, you left him with the tools to continue to progress. My thanks to your student and you for all the great insights in this video.

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