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The Left Leg In The Golf Swing

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Golf Tip -The left leg in the golf swing. Alistair Davies golf shares with you how to move the left leg correctly in the golf swing. He provides high detail into the role of the lead leg in the golf swing.


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12 thoughts on “The Left Leg In The Golf Swing

  1. You started with the lead leg, then you say left leg. Coaches that use lead and follow in there language don’t discriminate against left handed players

    1. +Jessica Bonello yes and I think most of my videos I do get it right but I do make mistakes when doing these videos

    2. All good Alistair, you’re probably just copping the brunt of my frustration. The USPGA commentary has been frustrating me for years. If you listen to cricket commentary it’s much different, back foot, front foot, top hand, bottom hand. Very simple. As someone from the UK, you might understand this. If you look at the Australia team, half the team is left handed. But good job on the video, I know it must take a lot of effort. A small change to your language could make you really popular with an extra 11% of people out there.

    3. I am a lefty, and certainly have learned to adjust what I hear to what someone says. What bothers me much more is manufacturers who don’t produce clubs for both sides.

  2. Hi al, how much weight should there be at impact with the driver? I thought you have to get into your lead side with driver but if you do wouldn’t you just come in to steep with it?

    1. +James Wilson yes 80 with irons. Angle of attack different with driver and head moves back during impact with driver

    2. Alistair Davies Golf with irons would it be 80% at impact on lead side? And how would you keep it lower with driver if weight was 50% on lead side?

    3. +James Wilson Hi James, will depend on pattern and style of driver, eg long drive guys will have hardly any pressure on lead foot. Normal guys 50 – 60 on lead foot. Thanks al

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