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8 thoughts on “The Masters recap with Steve Buzza

  1. Danny was a deserved winner, his play was solid and he did not flinch when
    he took the lead.. Now on to Jordan, I find watching him boring as he seems
    to take forever to play a shot and seems to break up the rhythm of whoever
    he is playing with, you could see Rory was put out by the speed of
    play…..great event though

  2. well done Danny ? but I have to say I was a little disappointed with
    This season has acted like a petulant schoolboy at times.
    His pace of play also leaves much to be desired-i know they are playing for
    titles and millions of $ but I do think he needs to work on his attitude as
    much as his game.
    He was the best putter all week ( not sure who finished top in strokes
    gained but spieth made all the putts when he needed to)
    His long game wasn’t upto his normal standard all week and I think the
    right guy won.
    Plus he’s English so that works for me too!!!!!
    I prefer the masters when they make the course play tough and the winner is
    3-6 under rather than letting them get 12-15 under.. I think the tougher
    set up usually brings out the best winner and that chip on 17 was

  3. Danny deserved it 5 under on Sunday in the master. Felt bad for speith but
    he already has a green jacket. I see you have 3 of the practice manual. Do
    you want to give me one ?

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