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The new 2019 golf rules you NEED to know

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The new 2019 golf rules you NEED to know


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10 thoughts on “The new 2019 golf rules you NEED to know

    1. I still think it is stupid and unfair to incur a 2 stroke penalty (when the local OB rule is in affect). If you are treating it just like you do a ball lost in a hazard then you should take 1 stroke penalty accordingly.

    2. +Ryan Tout I believe that only applies if you HAVEN’T hit a provisional ball. If you’ve hit a provisional and can’t find the original, you must play the provisional.

    3. the best change is probably that double hits are allowed the worst is probably that you have to drop from knee height now

  1. My number 1 favorite is the new drop rule of knee height. My #1 “missed opportunity” by the USGA/RNA is the DROP from a divot rule. Why should someone get punished for hitting the middle of the fairway?

  2. people should still pull the flag if it’s a blind shot into the green and u can only see the flag. been in positions where I was about to hit my second shot cause I seen the flag still in the cup. roll up a lil more and people were still putting on the greens with the flag still in the cup. that’s why I always take the flag out

  3. Hi, I’m from Colombia (south america) and like a lot this golf channel.. I practice your advices to improve my golf swing.. Thanks to you I play better now..

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