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TRUTH ABOUT THE GOLF SWING – All beginners need to know this simple tip

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This video discusses the truth about the golf swing, all beginners need to know to make it simple. The golf swing can often become over complicated with golfers resorting to using swing trainers, and swing training aids, you search ours for the perfect golf swing tips and advice, however normally over looking the most important part of the golf swing….. How to actually hit the golf ball.

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This video will take you through the golf swing in slow motion, helping you understand the perfect simplicity of whats required to hit the golf ball.

To play golf you don’t need the perfect swing plane, even don’t need to know how to hit the driver, you do need to know how to hit the golf ball off the floor and that’s what this video will teach you,

Anyway hope you enjoy the video, my last point is this video will help all levels of golfers, beginners, ladies, seniors and juniors.

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5 thoughts on “TRUTH ABOUT THE GOLF SWING – All beginners need to know this simple tip

  1. Are you sure about this? I’ve had countless lessons on the driving mat from pros and good players, and NOT ONE has ever said the ability to hit the mat is an important requirement, let alone the FIRST requirement.
    What a revelation! No wonder all those years practicing on the mat got me nowhere. By giving away this secret you are now public enemy no 1 – many teaching pros have been making their living by keeping this secret from the likes of us. THANK YOU!
    But how can we avoid the painful tennis and golf elbows we get from hitting the mat repeatedly?

  2. I don’t have this down. Lost my way. Distracted by all the other stuff.But when I try this exercise my problem has been that I never strike the ground in the same place.

  3. I’m gonna be honest and say that I can’t stand most golf instructors because they are obsessed with teaching “swing and positions” but this is the most sensible thing I’ve ever heard.

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