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USE YOUR HIPS | Real Life Golf Lessons

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►I coach A LOT of golfers and the videos I will be releasing are based on the a lot of the common mistakes and misconceptions I see and hear.
Hopefully passing on this knowledge will allow your to learn from other mistakes.

This video targets hip rotation and encourages you to use the hips for a stronger swing path and ball striking, as well as more speed and distance.

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If you’re based in Dubai, you can contact Andy at European Tour Performance Institute at Jumeirah Golf Estates on +971 4433 7777

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6 thoughts on “USE YOUR HIPS | Real Life Golf Lessons

  1. I have been working on this for a while since I had a lesson with a pro. Hip movement as you say is so important.
    Really liked the vlog – your content / style has improved so much since you move abroad; BRAVO

  2. A lot of focus on turning shoulders and hips on backswing, but no one ever hit the ball on the backswing. My problem is I start the downswing with the upper body and arms. I can make this “magic move” (starting downswing with my hips, clearing the left hip) in practice with either a club over my shoulders or my arms crossed over my chest. But put a club in my hand and I instinctively want to HIT the ball, and come “over the top”. Help! I want to turn upper body on backswing and start downswing with lower body, but can’t do it!

    1. Thanks for the comment Mike
      I’m sure many are dealing with this.
      Firstly, Make sure your physically able to drop the club on the inside.
      There is a distinct difference between be able to do something on a practice swing compared with at speed.
      2nd, make sure your hips are turning enough on the back swing to at least help match up to your upper body on downswing
      3rd, as a drill- use a tee peg so you aren’t worried about ‘hitting down’ on the ball and/or do the golf swing slow and in 2-3 parts so you can FEEL what you want to achieve.
      No golfer on the planet can just make a swing change at normal speed. Doesn’t happen
      Hope this helps

  3. Interesting. I think I turn pretty well on the backswing but then my hips are static on the downswing and I feel as though I start with my hands, slightly over the top

  4. Andy, forget about Tiger’s win. Lot of the your YouTube friends have why??
    I had unsubscribed Rick but feeling wise he is inspirational. Honest that way. He is back on subscribed list…but needed a space so this fits in. C u on ricks channel from now.

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