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Want to hole more putts? Just do THIS!!!!

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Want to hole more putts? Just do THIS!!!!
Rick Shiels enlisted the Worlds Best Putting coach – Phil Kenyon to provide really easy putting tips to help you improve quickly!
Phil coaches some of the best players in the world including Justin Rose, Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson, Tommy Fleetwood, Francesco Molinari and many many more! Phil really is the BEST putting coach in the world!

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10 thoughts on “Want to hole more putts? Just do THIS!!!!

  1. Q: RATE your putting ability out of 10! (1 being really bad – 10 being superb tour level)

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    1. 6. Pretty good lag putter, but less confident on the shorter ones so still end up 3 putting at times. I’d say my main weakness is green reading, more than stroke.

    2. i’m 8 on a bad day, 9 most of the time, and i can hit 10. and break 68. once in a while. well, not since my back surgery, but soon. again.
      anyways… the first drill is the most important. i would just use a nice flat plastic ballmark instead of the tee goal, though.
      seriously people. you HAVE to have a “subtarget” on your line. one that is in your peripheral vision. and you want to putt the ball over it.
      exactly like shiels was doing in that first drill. it might seem trivial… it is not. when he says, just dot THIS!!!…. thats the one. do that one.

  2. I rate my putting at a 6 – I miss more 6 footers than I should but I log more 1 putts than 3 putt in a round. This is a very helpful video – I’ll be using these tips for sure. Thank you

  3. Isnt the pells putting plate a joke? Hit through some damn tees knob. 😂 something about that hank guy seems like a sleeze ball

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