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WHAT’S IN MY BAG 2018 | Brodie Smith Golf

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What’s in my Bag 2018
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All items in video can be found here:

Anthony Taranto –
Tyson Lamb –

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6 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY BAG 2018 | Brodie Smith Golf

  1. Will be trying to respond to all your comments! Thanks for all the support guys! Have a dope Arizona golf trip coming up and going to be filming a lot of content! Lets see if we can get 500 LIKES on this video 🙂

  2. I used to struggle with my driver but one thing i tried was the lateral flex to the right side during set up and more of a in-to-out swing which has created straighter to a slight draw flight (used to always hit a push or slice). More you get to swing up=more distance even though you dont need it

  3. Thanks for another fantastic video. I love the videoes, they’re very enjoyable. I will recommend you to do a Hole-In-One challenge. That be wild. It will blow up for sure. Team up with Golfholics and do it on a nice easy Par 3 hole. Keep up!<44

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