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hey guys this is Justin with golfing
tips for beginners today I’m inside

my Pro Shop here and I had one of my
students ask me what the minimum

amount of clubs should be in your bag
and it’s kind of a trick question there

because there actually isn’t a set
minimum amount of clubs that should be

in your bag however there is a maximum
amount of clubs in your bag. Today I

kinda go over my recommendations as far
as which clubs beginners should get started with.

So the USGA the United
States Golf Association says you can have 14 golf clubs in your bag now you
don’t have to have that many clubs in

your bag there is no minimum however
trying to get as close you can to

that to that maximum is gonna be really
beneficial the more and more you keep

playing so you don’t have any distance
gaps between any of your clubs so which

club should you be using here if you
look right here we have one of our

beginning sets right here the tour edge
this is kind of a really good example of

some of the sets that some companies are
giving towards beginners so they come

with a bag they come with club head
covers they come with a putter this one

I can show you over here turning here
they give you a driver fairway wood hybrid

5-iron through sand wedge a putter some
head covers and then the bag itself so

it’s a really good option for beginners
trying to get into the game my personal

recommendation I’m gonna say down below
but you don’t have to have 14 when

you’re first starting but it’s a good
idea to get as many of the essential

golf clubs that you need so you can
start playing better golf so what are the

essential golf clubs
driver obviously that’s going to get you

the most distance off the tee a 3-wood
that’s gonna help you get most distance

out of the fairway you’re going to need
long irons or hybrids so three or four

hybrid or three or four iron doesn’t
matter which one and then you’re going

to need a 5-iron through
pitching wedge the main ones that you

have to have in there is a 5-iron 7-iron
and nine iron the six and eight you

don’t have to have right away those are
kind of additional clubs that you can

get down the road but my recommendation
is get a 5-iron 7-iron and a 9-iron

those are must-haves next what you need
is a pitching wedge or a sand wedge

doesn’t really matter which one when
you’re first starting out they’re pretty

similar in loft the more and more you
keep playing there will be a distance

gap between them so then eventually you
will want both but when you’re first

starting you can pick between either a
pitching wedge or sand wedge and last

but not least make sure that you have a
putter obviously you can’t play your

best golf without a putter so you need
one of those and again I’m going to post

a link down below so you can kind of
learn some of my putting tips as well

trying to get you in the right
direction for getting a putter

so there is no minimum amount of clubs
that you need in your bag however I

recommend that you have
a driver a fairway wood a three or four

hybrid or iron and remember five iron
seven iron or nine iron and then either

a pitching wedge or sand wedge and then
you have to have a putter again I’d

recommend trying to get kind of a
complete full set kind of like I showed

you right over here where you’re gonna
get a little bit of everything you get

the bag you get the head covers get
everything included is a great way to

first start playing and then you can
kind of move up and get one of those

more expensive sets that they usually
sell the irons separately the driver

separately the wedges separately you
don’t need that right away you just kind

of need the basics just to get into the
game and start playing so go ahead and

read the article down below for more
information to kind of go over what we

talked about here and I’ll see you guys
next time

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