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Where Should I place The Golf Ball For Perfect Ball Position

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Where Should I place The Golf Ball For Perfect Ball Position

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Where should I place the golf ball in my stance is a question I get all the time. I remember when we were taught 6 or 7 different ball positions; depending on what club you were swinging at the time. When you move your ball position, you must also move your COG triangle to match. This causes you to have a lot of different golf swings to try to make contact with the ball. No wonder as a group of golfers we are frustrated, the more compensating movements we have in the golf swing, the more inconsistent we become.
Now that we understand the COG triangle and how to control it, we need to concern ourselves with only one thing. Where do I want the bottom of my swing to happen? When you decide this, simply place your COG and clubhead on that spot and swing your 1…2…3…effortless power swing and control your triangle. The good news is, there is only 1 set up, and 3 ball positions you will need to learn to execute almost every golf shot you make and they are all based on your COG triangle.

Ball Position 1:

When you have an iron in your hands or a high lofted utility club (Hybrid Club) or even a 9 / 11 / or 13 wood, you play the ball on your COG (Shirt Button). These clubs were designed to play at the very bottom of your swing so the clubhead goes through the ball at a slightly downward angle causing a shallow divot in the ground just ahead of where the ball lies. This is the position where your COG triangle dissects the golf ball at the bottom.
Ball Position 2:
Ball Position number 2 is for your fairway woods. Fairway woods are designed to be hit on the “Flat” with a sweeping blow in order to launch the ball at the desired trajectory for long-distance fairway shots. This type of shot requires you place your COG triangle approximately 1” behind the position of the ball so the bottom of your swing happens just before contact, allowing the fairway wood to bottom out and contact the ball on the flat part of the swing. Always remember to place your clubhead on your COG (not up to the ball) and fire your piston just the same as your iron shots so you compress the ball and watch it soar. The key to this shot is maintaining your triangle and not allowing your COG to slide toward the ball during the downswing. If required, place a decoy on your COG (a tee or a marker of some kind) and do not let your cheek to pass the decoy. This will hold your triangle in place until you get used to this setup.

Ball Position 3:
Ball Position number 3 is, of course, the Driver ball position. The Driver is designed to hit the ball on the upswing and therefore the bottom of your swing must happen a few inches behind your ball position. When you follow the driver set up steps described a few pages back in the book, your ball position will always be correct. Your driver usually only has about twice as much loft as your putter so it must be hit on the upswing in order to create the perfect launch conditions for long soaring drives. Golfers who are constantly playing with tee height in order to make solid contact can finally settle into a consistent tee height once they understand how to control their COG Triangle.
So you can see, the ball position is only relevant to where your COG is located. If you forget about the physical position of the golf ball and simply place your COG and clubhead where you want the bottom of your swing to happen, maintain your COG Triangle, and swing 1…2…3… consistency and frustration free golf shots will soon follow.





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