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Does this change things?
PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels reviews the new Ben Hogan irons but with a unique concept of buying and trying the irons all from online from their website.


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10 thoughts on “Will this CHANGE GOLF FOREVER?

    1. Rick Shiels Golf this is the issue that what’s happening in all industries not just golf. Everyone is buying online now, which is killing the retail shops. I think going into a shop trying out and getting custom fit is more useful and more beneficial than going online.

    2. 2nd Swing Golf. I do not deal with many of the elitists at ‘Pro’ shops. I know my own specs and order accordingly.
      There are shops here (SC, USA) that bill themselves as ‘custom fitters’ but they are far from this. The only true fitters that I have seen are from the UK and regularly post on YouTube.

    3. Brought my ping 4 iron form golf bidder good price. Your right what you say prices are way too high, had my set for 5 years now would love to change them with proper fitted clubs but sadly nowhere near enough money for that 😣😣

  1. I have xforge.paid 800 on sale now there nearer to brainer.only PGA pros care about PGA pros…iam a hacker always will be

  2. My Custom fit callaway apex irons (forged) £750 this year! Ben Hogan Irons 750 dollars online. Needs to be more of a saving to make non custom fit clubs viable.

  3. Seriously Rick,what was the point of this Post? Clubs that aren’t fit and possibly only available to the US??

    I think you’ve got a bit lost from what you’ve started from. You were always a channel I’d go to first, but not now..

  4. Bought my P790s used, took them to the pro shop to have loft/lie checked, bent a couple of clubs, been playing well with them ever since. We all have the same complaint about “custom fit”, you have to buy new clubs and pay max $$$ for it. If I was using them to win money in comps, that might work. Oh, wait! The pros get their “custom fitted” clubs fro free! Just ain’t fair! JM2C

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