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YouTube Golf Downswing Tip #ImproveMyGolf

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10 thoughts on “YouTube Golf Downswing Tip #ImproveMyGolf

  1. Good video guys, going to try this at the range. Do you gave any good tips
    for extension at impact, I feel the strikes are however I have chicken wing
    follow thru

  2. like the video lads nice clear info. Quick question how to you feel about
    lifting the left heel on the top of backswing and then returning the heel
    to the floor to start the downswing thanks.

    1. +Roland Clayton Interesting comment, we will cover this comment over the
      coming days. In short, i have no issue with it as long as it is not

  3. Like the approach of breaking this down into smaller elements, helpful to
    embed each movement on its own before all coming together!

    1. +Stephen Woodall Much easier to break the swing down. I’m glad to hear its

  4. When I try to maintain the wrist hinge in the downswing and keep that right
    elbow close to my chest, I always top the ball.

    1. +MissyLaMotte An answer to this comment will be live on the channel on
      Friday evening. I hope it helps 🙂

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